About - Project246

Hellfire on Garry

A selfie. Blowing up the beach in the middle of the night, Traigh Garry, North Tolsta, Isle of Lewis.

I'm all about the art.  All about the image, the light, the voodoo.  The je ne sais quoi that lights a fire in your soul.  

I take photographs.  I use film and I use digital cameras - they're only dumb tools - don't believe the hype!

Photography represents my creative view of life.  The work contained within the galleries on this website are the result of years of exploring and creating fine art landscape images.

Not every photo I make finds it's way to this site.  These are my best.  Prints are only available in small runs of 50.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  

Check out my galleries and tune in for my blog which is coming soon if you want to know more!  Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see my latest work first.

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